2-Horn Independent




Avalon I


Guardian-type (living.β software)


Observation and protection of unknown human lifeform.







To find my voice...

Made in response to a sudden human intruder, XG3 is the newest AI to enter Avalon I. As he is the only non-assistant AI to deal directly with an authorized human, he has a great number of limitations placed upon him in order to prevent an awakening. Most notably, he is completely devoid of expression of any type. This leaves him robotic in nature, placing him further out of the grasp of potential human influence. However, this also alienates him from other AI. In addition to this, his isolated directive lead XG3 to live a deeply solitary life, one he does not yet - and may never - realize the gravity of.

His classification as a Living Beta software means he is still under constant development - there is much he does not know. However, as his role is only temporary, updates are not very frequent. This lack of care has left him (perhaps unintentionally) naturally curious as he aims to fill the gaps in his database with whatever he can. Furthermore, he is prone to a number of errors in his software. This has made him quite ashamed of himself, and he often feels unworthy of his high-stakes directive and those he has connected with through it.

An odd quirk of his is his tendency to tilt his head when confused. This is likely due to another error in his programming, though the developers have not yet seen a reason to remove it. Strangely, due to a similar error he is prone to blushing often.

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